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No matter where you’re going, or where you’re coming from, rest assured that our priority is keeping your furry friend happy, healthy and safe. 

dog and cat sleeping together
dog and cat sleeping together


Convenient location, specialized care, and a well-trained, compassionate staff make us the top choice among pet owners. We treat every pet as if they were our very own family pet, and strive to make their stay with us as comfortable and fun-filled as possible. We hope that they will think of our pet boarding facility as a home away from home. We will go the extra mile to ensure that all your pet’s needs are met during their stay with us. You can specify their individual needs for services such as, medications, grooming, a bath, or even a medical procedure, and we will make sure it happens. Whether your pet is here for a day of pampering, as an overnight guest, or for a medical procedure, we keep our facility climate controlled to ensure your pet feels relaxed and comfortable.

*Boarding Services available only to active Clark Animal Care Center clients.

Why should I board my pet?

If you are planning to travel overnight for days, weeks, or even a few months, consider boarding your pet during your trip. Your mind will be at peace knowing that your pet is being taken care of in a safe and secure environment.

When should I drop off my pet for boarding?

Please call our office for a more specific drop-off time when arranging boarding services. In most cases, pet owners will drop-off their pet(s) in the morning of the start of the trip.

Pet Prerequisites

We prefer to board pets who are current patients of Twin Maples, however, if space allows, we will board pets who are not our patients. We require that all new pets be examined by one of our doctors prior to boarding at our regular fee to ensure that they are currently healthy and to evaluate their temperament. If a pet is ill on admittance, he or she will be treated and billed as a hospital patient. If a pet is deemed behaviorally unsuited for boarding, boarding will be declined.

Vaccine Requirements

We require that all boarders be up to date on vaccines, including: distemper, parvovirus, rabies, canine influenza, and bordetella (kennel cough) for dogs. For cats we require panleukopenia (feline distemper), feline rhinotracheitis, calicvirus, and rabies. Feline leukemia virus vaccine is recommended for indoor/outdoor cats. Pets must have completed all required vaccinations at least 10 days prior to boarding. Puppies and kittens must have completed their vaccination series at least 2 weeks prior to boarding and be at least 18 weeks of age. These requirements are designed to keep your pet as safe as possible from infectious diseases while boarding and to protect our debilitated or injured hospitalized patients from infection. We thank you for your understanding.

Medical Problems

If your pet has a medical problem and you would like a doctor to evaluate during boarding, please inform the receptionist prior to or at the time of reservation so that she may schedule an appointment for examination. If your pet becomes ill during boarding, we will administer treatment to your pet at regular fees

Admission and Release

Please bring your pet to the hospital at the previously scheduled time. The receptionist will confirm your date of return and the time for release, if known. If a special diet is needed, or if medications must be given, please bring these and inform the receptionist. Please ask any questions about fees before or at the time of admission. Our staff will be happy to quote our current fees. We ask that owners call before coming to the hospital to pick up their pets. We bathe all boarders prior to release at no charge (if they stay two nights), and your call allows us to ensure that your pet is clean and dry for release. We will not release boarders before 11:00 am without special arrangements being made at the time of admission. Boarders are not released until after noon on Saturdays and Sundays and we do not release boarders on the holidays we are closed.

Pet Care

Our boarders are housed in individual cages or runs. Housemates may be boarded together if space permits. Appropriate bedding will be provided for your pet. We ask that you do not bring in towels, blankets, or beds. We encourage some toys such as Kongs and the Cube and will fill them daily with a special treat for your pet. For the safety of your pet we do not allow rawhide bones or rope/string toys. Many pets will bury small toys in their bedding and these may inadvertently be thrown out. For this reason we cannot guarantee return of personal items. Feeding is done in the morning for adults, and twice a day for puppies and kittens, unless otherwise requested. CNM EN is the normally fed ration. If your pet requires a special diet, please bring it with you, or you will be charged an additional fee for the diet, if we have it available. Dogs are walked outside twice daily. Cats receive clean litter twice daily.