Basket Muzzles

A properly fitted basket muzzle will allow your dog to pant and even drink water. A basket muzzle will allow you to ensure the safety of people encountering your dog. Basket muzzles work best when the dog has been slowly introduced to it and does not only wear the muzzle when something “bad” is happening.

To familiarize your dog with its new basket muzzle do the following:
(treats should be used during all stages of fitting)

  1. Allow your dog to sniff the muzzle and inspect it. Reward your dog for being around the muzzle.
  2. Place small treats in the muzzle or through the bars, or smear the inside of the muzzle with something spreadable like peanut butter. Your dog should have to place it’s nose inside the muzzle to reach and obtain the treats.
  3. After your dog is comfortable placing his nose in the muzzle, fasten the strap behind the ears. The neck strap should be snug and high enough to keep the muzzle on but not restrict your dog’s breathing.
  4. Feed your dog small treats through the muzzle. Hot dogs cut into quarters lengthwise work well for this.

Muzzle fitting should be a positive experience for your dog. Remember to use lots of praise and treats. Proceed slowly and stop the fitting session before your dog is frustrated or tired. Multiple short, pleasant sessions will achieve better results than one long tiring session.

How to measure:

Select the type of dog breed and measure the length of the nose and the circumference of the nose in inches.
Length: (L) Measure your dog approximately 1/2 inch below the eyes to the tip of the nose.
Circumference: (C) Measure approximately 1/2 inch below the eyes and around snout.
Note: For small and medium dogs add approximately 1/2 inch for length and approximately 1/2 to 3/4 inch for circumference.  For big and large dogs add approximately 1 inch for length and circumference.

Visit the websites below to purchase a quality basket muzzle. If you are unsure which muzzle will best fit your dog, call the company and tell them the breed, size, and muzzle shape of your dog.
Wire with padding, short nose, leather and plastic muzzles. On this site you order according to breed.
Wire padded muzzles ordered by breed.
Many varieties of basket muzzles.